Morgan Has Arrived

Hello from the puppy farm…

where things are going according to schedule depending on who’s schedule you’re on.

For instance, if you are on Morgan’s schedule, you are on the wiz kid track to nowhere, because he’s a fun loving Irish and he doesn’t care where he’s going, so we have to struggle to keep up.

In fact, Morgan is busy from morning to night;

selecting food for dinner,

washing the dishes,

training the trainer,

organizing the trash,

and putting our shoes in the closet.

(Along with some major teeth marks, which Morgan says he’s sorry about, but hey, we didn’t just fall off a puppy truck so we’re not convinced).

Actually, our biggest problem is trying to figure out why we are so tired all the time considering all the help Morgan is giving us.

In fact, we’re EXHAUSTED.

As for Morgan. Not to worry.  He’s a fun loving Irish, remember? He takes lots of time to smell the flowers…

And chase lizards …

And snooze with his green dinosaur.

Ops. He’s sleeping!

Gotta go…he’ll be awake soon.

Good-bye from the puppy farm,