It’s Thanksgiving! Time For A Group Hug.

So we are still working on taking a good photograph for our Christmas card, right? And we know that next week will be a good photo op because we’ll all be together for Thanksgiving.

Check. We’re ready!

While we enjoy the day, we’ll take a few minutes to scope out a good background for photographs. Hey we didn’t just fall off a turkey truck…we know that a poor background will ruin our images quicker than cranberry sauce all over our favorite white blouse.

Here’s a background we plan to avoid.

Everyone looks wonderful but unfortunately the wall sconce behind the gentleman’s head is so distracting that this image is headed for the recycle bin.

Beginner’s mistake. Fifty lashes.

Here’s one that’s much better.

Remember cropping in the camera? In this image, I cropped tight enough so that the twinkly lights in the background didn’t throw off the camera meter. The dark background keeps the focus right where we want it.

Ok. Got it. We’ve found a good background and we are ready to go to work.

Our only other concern is to be sure everyone is posed close together so that they all get the same amount of flash exposure. Does this sound like last week’s blog? Bingo. But it’s important enough to repeat. Practice makes perfect, and we want a perfect image to send out with our cards. One more time…everyone must be close together so they all receive the same exposure.

Actually, that’s easy. It’s Thanksgiving…we like these folks…we’re going to give them a big hug with our camera by moving in close and giving our viewers a sense of being right there.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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