It’s A Wrap!

Give yourself a gold star…you read the last few blogs carefully and used the suggestions to make a dynamite Christmas photo.

Good job! Well done!

Now what should we do with our creation?

We can have a bunch of glossy copies made and send them out along with our Christmas cards.

We can email our image to an online retailer or take it to our local photo finisher and design a card with the templates they have available.

If you opt for a company on the web, Shutterfly and Snapfish are two of the sites I really like. They have easy ordering forms and lots of selections. You can even figure out the design, order the card, and print it yourself if you want to.

Once you have your cards ready to send out, I’d be the first to admit that I love receiving cards in the mail…there’s something so old fashioned about it and it’s fun to have a silver tray overflowing with good cheer from far and near.

But an online card like the one above is the direction I’ve been heading in for several years because it’s so much easier. Easy is good during the holidays. Plus we are doing our little part to save the planet. That’s important too.

So let’s look at a few other ways this terrific Thanksgiving photo can be used to make a Christmas card. The photo was emailed to me just after Thanksgiving from my good friend Susan Burr Zimmerman who had  read the blog on how to stage a good photograph and wanted me to see how well it had turned out.

Good job, right!?

 I  asked if I could use this photo to demonstrate what can be done with the templates you find online, and she said, “yes!

So here are just a few more cards my excellent graphic artist Tammy Shanahan made from the Thanksgiving photo. Tammy is one of those multitalented people who can do miracles in Photoshop as well as miracles with her camera.

So which one do you like best? As you can see, there are trillions of templates to choose from.  Ok, maybe not trillions, but plenty to satisfy everyone who wants to give this a try. Tammy uses Photoshop, but there are other photo manipulation programs out there you can use or pick one out and have a graphic artist do the final work.

Have fun!

Ho, ho, ho,

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