It’s All About The Cats

I thought it would be useful to look at some photographs from professional photographer Marsha Hobert, who contributed many wonderful cat photographs to my book on pet photography.  Not to mention that Marsha also designed the book… she’s a multitalented gal. You can check out more of her wonderful photographs at

So let’s take a look at some of her cat images and think about what you would do to achieve the same results. Obviously these suggestions would also apply to any other indoor photographs of animals you are creating.

Hints to get you started:

  • Set your ISO to 400.
  • Use a shutter speed of at least 250th of a second.
  • Turn on your flash.

Once you have your camera settings where they need to be, play.

Remember that moving in close, as Marsha has done in these photographs, makes all the difference in the world.

Which image do you like the best? Emulating great photographers is a good way to hone your photographic techniques. So study these images and try some of your own.

It’s all fun!