Get Out Of Your Eye-Level Rut

Sometimes an image of your favorite subject (this is mine…my Irish terrier Morgan, AKA the Irish terror) can work from above. But, it’s easy to fall into a rut with your photography so that you always end up taking your favorite animal subjects from the same perspective. Especially now that zoom lenses have such wonderful optics. We can get spoiled and use them all the time instead of switching back and forth between our shaprer and faster fixed focal length lenses.

With a zoom lens, we’re hooked on real easy, and we don’t have to do a lot of work to change the composition. We can just zoom in and out rooted to the same spot.

But hey, even if we use a zoom lens, it won’t get us down low…the position we frequently need to be in for good animal work.

So let’s move and get out of the eye-level rut. Start by looking thru the viewfinder at your animal subject to figure out the best perspective to use. Walk around, bend down, turn, get on your knees…work it.

Getting down low will change how your viewers react to your image. If you compose a photo at the pet’s level, your viewers will be drawn into the pet’s world and leave their own. Make sense?

As always, it’s much easier to see with a photograph. Which image, the one above, or the one below, pulls you into the dog’s world?

The first one, right?

I thought so!

Good shooting,

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