Move In Close, Then Closer Still

mis 090

Want to make an animal image that is truly different from most of the animal images you see?

Start with making a photo of an animal subject by moving in close. The first good thing that happens is that a lot of the clutter around the animal will disappear. Voila! Good composition and you didn’t even try.

mis 104

Now take a few more shots, and move in closer still.

Ok, now let’s have some fun. What part of the animal in front of the lens do you want to emphasize? You are moving from the realm of recording an image, to becoming an artist with a unique perspective of your subject. That’s when photography really gets interesting!

mis 109

To create like this, you have to let go. Forget about making an image that is a repersentation of an animal. Move in close and then closer still. Let your imagination create something wonderfully different.

The best thing this exercise will do for your craft, is help you to crop in the camera. Most of the time we are thinking too much about including everything in our images. Here’s what I mean.

This is a good image of a group of riders at a 4-H Show. But it’s too much. Our eye goes everywhere at once and the message is confusing.

What about this one? It’s a tight crop of just one participant in the show. Now we’re talkin’.

Try cropping your subjects in the camera. Pick out one idea and one idea only. Less is more.

Good shooting!

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