Lime Green

Have you noticed that as your animal photography improves your knowledge of outdoor lighting improves? So instead of photographing during the middle of the day when the harsh sun can ruin anything you are trying to make, you set up your shoot in the soft buttery light of early morning or late afternoon. You avoid the shadows waving around from tree limbs or cast on the ground by barn doors and fences. You know not to shoot in sun and shade at the same time. You work it.

Then there are the seasons. If you live in an area that has them you are gearing up right now to capture the fantastic lime green color of the spring fields. So wonderful and not seen at any other time of the year.

Here’s an image of lime green I love.

Think it needs a tighter crop…

Yep. I like this one better. There’s more detail and it’s still a pretty scenic.

In the lime green season, the flowering trees are fantastic. I usually can’t resist including them in my animal portraits, but I’m cognizant of the fact that when I do I’m breaking one of my most important rules of good animal photography. The rule is to stick with one idea and one idea only. But who could resist using this lovely flowering tree as a backdrop?

I got around this in my book by including some images titled, “Rules Are Made To Be Broken!” This image is one of them.

Ok, the above image works, but what rules can’t you break…ever?  Here’s one. You absolutely have to get down to the subject’s level. There just isn’t any other way to pull the viewer into the photograph and give them a sense of being right there.

How about this one? No words necessary. It’s lime green wonderful.

Good shooting!

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