Let’s Photograph A Car Show With Our Cell Phone

Everyone loves to go to antique car shows, and I’m no exception. Hey we could all wake up from suspended animation in a cryogenics lab and there’s a good chance there would still be a car show somewhere nearby that we wanted to attend.

So let’s visit a car show and take some snaps with our cell phone. The good news is that we’re packin’ light so we don’t have to worry about the ten or twenty things we think about with a “real” camera.  And…if you follow some simple rules, the results will amaze you. The bad news … I have to be truthful here or you’ll think I’m as quaky as those ads on TV that promise to instantly remove all your wrinkles, is that by traveling light we are going to give up the chance to get some really excellent images with our SLR’s.

Well there are always compromises when you are making pictures. I’d love to look like a million bucks every time I’m in the middle of a field photographing animals, but I’d also like to stay upright (sturdy shoes please) and be able to bend and stoop without splitting my jeans (baggy pants please) and keep my face covered in sunscreen (no makeup necessary). But today, today I’m going to dress up and just have fun photographing anything that strikes my fancy.

Here goes.

So quiz time. What is the common element in all these photographs?

They are all tight crops. The trick with cell phones is to get as close to your subject as possible.

Other “rules.”

Don’t shoot fast action. The camera in the phone doesn’t have a fast enough shutter speed to freeze movement.

Keep your flash set on auto. Flash usually helps to add pop, so I keep mine on. It works well unless I’m photographing something very shiny, in which case I turn it off so I won’t get an unattractive hot spot on the image.

Think small images suitable for web and mobile devices. Your phone doesn’t have enough resolution for good enlargements so they “fall apart” when enlarged. With a car show, that means even tighter images to crop out all the extra information of cars on either side of the one you are photographing and people everywhere.

Move in close and crop, crop, crop.

Good shooting.

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