How To Make A Still Photo From A Video

If you read the last blog, you know what Paula Leftwich thinks are the most important things to think about when you are using an iphone5 or a GoPro. Let’s continue the conversation, and look at a few of the wonderful images she captured with her GoPro in the water this summer.


Here’s what she wrote about these images.

There’s certainly nothing very technical going on here! These images were pulled from video shot with my GoPro. After I loaded the video on my iPad, I just reviewed it carefully on my I-Pad and stopped it where I wanted a still shot. I took a “screen shot” ( by depressing the home button on front along with the on/off button simultaneously.) It takes a little finesse to get just exactly the frame you want, but with some practice, it’s really pretty easy. I then edited the resulting still photo in the editing app I wrote about last weekSee the July 26th blog ].

Seriously, I am a technical moron, but the editing app is so simple… Just click and use sliders and you see it all instantly so you can adjust/re-adjust! 

Well Paula has certainly given us some wonderful hints on how to grab still shots from a video. I don’t usually shoot video, but I’m going to give it a try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

See you in the water.


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