What A Great Crop!

Well Paula Leftwich is on a roll, and we are the lucky recipients. Here’s a blog she sent me on cropping.

Paula writes: 

Here’s the original iPhone picture I took of an osprey at the bird center this morning. I think it’s interesting, but there is lots of clutter and no real focus on the subject.

Hum. What to do? I opened it up in my editing program and cropped it so that the emphasis was on the bird’s eyes and face. Then I made a slight adjustment to lighting, ( I actually decreased the brightness a bit for dramatic effect), increased the sharpness and voila! A much more striking photograph! It’s not professional, but certainly achievable for anyone. This is a good example of what you can do, start-to-finish with good editing.

Right on Paula, and isn’t her edited photo wonderful? She was not afraid to really chop and crop and has cut out all the extraneous information and ended up with a very compelling image that looks right at the viewer.

As you begin to refine your eye, you too will be able to save a lot of images from the recycle bin with good cropping.

Take a look at some of the images you have made that need a better crop, and go to work. I’ll talk about the editing program I like to use in the next blog.

Good shooting.


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