Fun Editing Tricks

Well I hope all of you enjoyed the series of blogs from Paula Leftwich. She certainly has a lot of great ideas for us to try out. Paula spends a fair amount of time on post production to make her images say exactly what she wants them to say. She has made the difficult leap from communicating with words to communicating with pictures. Her pictures talk to us. There is no greater art. With some study and work, you can master this too!

Cropping is the easiest way to “fix” an image that isn’t communicating. But there are lots of other things you can do with editing software. My choice for editing is Photoshop Elements. It’s much easier than the full version of Photoshop and has more than enough to keep me entertained. I’m not a graphic artist and if I need to move people or things in a photograph, I call in the big boys.

So I can do simple. Plus I’ve found that editing can not only be fun, but also a good way to hide compositional flaws. Take this image from a dog show.

Like Paula, I start with a good crop.

Much better and all I did was crop the image so that it “talks” to us. There are no distracting elements so the viewer’s eye goes straight to the adorable dog.

Well wait. The watch is a distraction. Hum. I could spend a lot of time to remove it, but there are a lot of other fun options. Let’s try the palette knife editing tool in Photoshop Elements.

Now I really like this and it only took me a few minutes to do.

If you spend some time roaming around your photo editing software, you’ll be amazed at the cool things you can do to your photographs. Give it a try.

Happy editing,


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