How To Use Your Camera Flash

If you have spent any time reading my book, you already know that the most important piece of camera equipment you own is your manual. So your first step in using your flash more effectively is to dig out your manual and study the section that lists the power range of your flash at each distance from your subject.

Ok we’re on it.

When we check out our camera manual’s section on flash, we find that the flash has a certain amount of power to add light to the image depending on how far away we are from the subject and what ISO setting we are using.

It’s important to know, because the most common cause of failure when taking flash pictures is working outside the power range of the flash. So once you know what the correct flash-to-subject distance range is for the ISO setting you are using, you’ll be good to go– the  camera’s computer will automatically set the correct exposure. This means as long as you stay within the distance range (not too close or too far), your photos will be correctly exposed.

Most of the time we are using flash inside. But flash can work just as effectively outside.

Here are a few examples.

# 1. The photographer is too far away from the subjects for the flash to effectively add enough light to this image.

#2. Now the photographer has moved close enough to effectively illuminate the subjects.

#3. It’s too dark to make out the subject in this photo.

#4. Move closer!

Stay within the distance range of your flash and your photographs will magically improve.

Good shooting!