How To Take A Christmas Card With Your Pet and Santa

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Ho Ho Ho. There’s still time for a great Christmas card with Santa and your pets. The key is to be prepared! Here are some good pointers from Hal and Rae Quanbeck. Hal has written for this blog before and his insight is always spot on. Did they nail it in the photo above, or what?

So how did they do it? Here’s what Hal suggests. Ok. Book plug… all of these suggestions are in my book, except the last hint, which is a doozie! Hey Hal, I’m the photographer…why didn’t I think to mention that one before now?

Hal writes:

1) Well the dogs are due for grooming on Thursday — bad planning but today was the last day for pictures of pets with Santa. Unfortunately it was raining and we had to walk the dogs for one last pee before the shoot because we knew they would be excited. So after their walk, we saved time to dry and brush them as best we could. ✔  Check.

2) We scoped out the setting the day before and had a little bit of a plan for how we wanted the picture to look. ✔  Check

3) We brought props — lots of them — and kept them in a bag until the last moment… Nicky actually got wild when he saw his toys… ✔  Check

4) We tried our best to keep looking at the camera — ✔  Check

5) Something new to add to your excellent “be prepared” list. Put your hand over the “private parts” (that is the dog’s private parts ! We could have done a little better but not bad — we have lost some great shots just because Tucker and Nicky were showing  their manhood!). ✔  Check

All excellent hints Hal! As I mentioned above, # 5  is really important and something I’ve never mentioned even though I have a huge stack of rejects with “parts” showing.

One other thing that really makes this photo. Look at how Hal and Rae coordinated their clothing, and what a difference the Santa hats make!

Plus let’s not forget what a difference good cropping can do! Here’s the final.

Great job Hal and Rae!

Merry Christmas!

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