Hi all,

I have two items of interest to pass on.

First, many of you are asking if there is a way to receive my blog posts via email, and there is. If you want to have my blog delivered to your mailbox each month, you can either enter your address at the top right of this page or send me an email with Blog in the subject at

Second, I’m finally gearing up the photo contest!

This is a contest for the best animal photograph sent in each month. Once it gets rollin’ I’ll probably have to come up with different categories, but right now, just send your best photo to:

At the end of each month, I’ll choose a winner, and send that person a free copy of my book, Pet Photography For Fun.

You can enter as many photos as you wish. Once there are enough entries to post, I’ll turn it into a viewer contest, so that everyone can vote on the best photo each month.

If you win more than once, you can designate your free book to go to the person of your choice.

How’s that for a great contest! And what a terrific prize!!!

Join in the fun!