Move In Close With Your Cell Phone

This is blog number ten thousand, five hundred and ninety five, on moving in close.

Ok. I’m exaggerating again. But moving in close is that important.

If you are using a cell phone, and who isn’t these days,  then moving in close is the very best way to improve your photographs. You don’t have much control over the way you control exposure with a cell, but you can move in close for a tight crop of the subject matter and eliminate a lot of variables that can ruin your image.

Take something as simple as sending a photograph to Aunt Mary of your fantastic tomato plant. Here it is Aunt Mary. Can you see it?

Ok. Maybe not the best photo of the plant.  So let’s try again. We don’t have a zoom on our cell phone, but we can sure use our feet to zoom in.

Ah. Better. Now Aunt Mary can see what a wonderful gardener I am.

Well this is fun. Perhaps a few close ups of the tomatoes…their red color contrasting with the green leaves makes for a nice composition.


Hey wait a minute. What the heck is that?

Uh-oh. Blast it!####. It’s one of those darn tomato bugs. He’s having fun. He’s enjoying himself. He’s eating every leaf in sight. He’s headed up the stem to the tomato. Yikes! He’s got to go.

Who would have ever guessed that a cell phone could be used to improve my gardening? Yes, that’s right. This innocent looking little fellow is no longer with us. Hooray! I just saved my tomato plants, and all because  I moved in close.

Good shooting !

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