Using Flash With Your iPhone

What a big difference a flash can make when you are taking grab photos with your iPhone. Notice that I said taking photos. Making photos really isn’t an option with a phone camera, but stay tuned. They are rapidly improving.

While iPhones have had LED flashes for a while, Apple has recently upped the ante with a new, duel LED flash dubbed True Tone. It’s no brighter than previous iPhone flashes, but it does do a better job at matching the color of surrounding lighting, resulting in slightly better photos.

To turn on your flash, launch the Camera app from your iPhone home screen. Tap the Flash button. Set it to On when you want to use it. Set it to Auto if you want to let your iPhone decide when to use it.

But don’t let your iPhone decide. Just like “real” photography, it’s best to do the thinking instead of letting the computer in your camera do the thinking.

While the iPhone camera is usually pretty good at picking up the details in low light (especially on the iPhone 5, which has enhancements designed specifically for those conditions), if you set your controls to always use the flash, you can get even better photos. What I’m suggesting, is to just leave your flash set to On. (Unless you are in really bright light or you need to save your battery power.)

Here are some examples of the difference between using a flash and no flash. Look at the difference a little extra pop makes.


It’s not bad…but the one below with my flash turned on, is better.


Now we can really see the gals in the back row.


Wonderful isn’t it? But the puppy is a bit dark


Adding some flash means that my puppy’s color is correctly exposed

Exposing black animals is always tricky

 The flash can really help to bring out the detail in the eye area

Try using your iPhone with the flash set to On even when you think you have enough light to take the picture, and see what kind of results you get.

Good shooting!


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