Use Props

So how did I make this photograph of Ticia, one of my favorite neighborhood dogs?

I used a prop of course! Props are an essential part of your equipment when you are photographing pets.

Equipment? You bet. No animal photographer works without them. Props are the key to enticing cute expressions out of your animal subjects. Hey, it’s not you they are reacting to with delight. It’s the props.

Tisha 6-15 031

They don’t have to be elaborate. One of my favorites is this green cloth which I can stuff in my camera bag or back pocket. Voila! When I need an attention grabber out it comes. And I can give it to anyone standing nearby who can help. No experience needed. Just flap it around and watch the action unfold.

Tisha 6-15 033

Just remember that with props you have to work fast. An animal’s attention span is way short, so have your camera controls set and ready to fire before you bring out a prop.

With a bit of help and a prop, it’s hard to go wrong photographing an adorable dog like Ticia.

Tisha 6-15 011-f

Find some good props to use and stuff them in your camera bag so they are ready to go when you are.

Good shooting!


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