How To Photograph Fast Animal Action At A Rodeo

I’ve written extensively on how to photograph fast animal action, so I won’t blame you for a minute if you are tired of reading about it in my blogs and books. Time for a guest blog! This time from the very talented Marsha Hobert who lives in Estes Park, Colorado.

Marsha made these images during the professional bull riding competition at the Rooftop Rodeo in Estes. Pa-Wow! How the heck did she do it?

“I used my Nikon D700 with my 80-200mm Nikon lens. It is a really nice sharp lens, and I recommend it for people who can’t afford the $2,000 price tag on a new 70-200 Nikon lens. I didn’t have my tripod (which is recommended), so I balanced the lens on a fence. I didn’t need to zoom in real close because I knew I could crop down as much as I wanted with my full frame camera. This series was shot with my zoom set at 80mm, shutter at 1/1250 sec with an aperture of f 2.8. The D700 has a shooting mode which follows the action so I had it set for that and I just kept clicking away.”







Ok, got it! Time to find a rodeo and go to work. If I practice up for the next five years, I just might be able to do this…

Good shooting!


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