Photographing Jet Skis on a Jet Ski

Summer is finally here in northern Ohio where we have stopped building an ark. It’s now abandoned down by the lake where we planned to make a fast getaway when the water rose to launch level. But hold that thought. The summer still has a long way to go.

Ok. No rain right now. Time to tear around the lake on our jet skis. Woo-hoo…let’s go!

I’m going to take my cell along for pictures, even though I know that taking photos on a jet ski poses a number of problems, the biggest one being the rogue wave that knocks my  iPhone into the water. Hmmm. Don’t care. Going to try it. I’ve got a waterproof housing so no worries there.

Here’s what won’t work with my cell. I can’t stop the blur from moving subjects. This article isn’t about geek-speak, but if you want a better explanation as to why this won’t work other than that it won’t, look up action photography in [ my book ] or scroll thru my [ Blog | Blog Archives ]–  either option will give you way more info than you may want about action photography.

So the best I could accomplish to work around the blur issue, was to try to take the photos with the jet skis as stationary as possible. It was a double whammy because both my ski and the ones I wanted to photograph were obviously moving.

4th of july '15 007

To help, I got as close to my subjects as I could without hitting them (yikes!)  so the focusing square was able to lock on.

There are a few other things I was able to control among the many variables that I couldn’t. I was  careful to pose my subjects without back ground issues and I maneuvered my ski to control the angle of the light.

4th of july '15 020

4th of july '15 021

And that’s all I know about taking photographs on a jet ski that is rocking around in the water of another jet ski rocking around in the water.

Oh…one more suggestion. Be sure to keep cleaning your camera lens. Here’s what happened when I got some water on mine.

4th of july '15 025

See how the part of the image on the left is soft, caused by a smudge on the lens, compared to the part on the right that is clear? Uh-oh. So next time I’ll take along a soft cloth to wipe off the lens as I play.

Good shooting!


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