How To Photograph At A Fair: Use Flash and Move In Close

Yippee! The Ottawa County Fair is going on this week, which means there are photo ops everywhere. I’ll post some of the technical things I’m working on in future blogs, but this week I’m cutting it short so I can get back to the fair.

That said, here are a few issues that stood out when I did my first quick edit of images so far. Paying attention to these two simple suggestions will really improve your photographs at animal events. Disclaimer: these aren’t great photographs, but they do illustrate what I want to convey in terms of  information. Great photography takes a lot more time. To be excellent, they would need a lot more direction (everyone needs to be looking at the camera) and I’d need a prop person behind me to get the horse’s attention. Ears up are an absolute must for good animal photography.

So look at these examples and keep these issues in mind when you photograph at an outside venue.

First suggestion.

In sun and shade, use flash.

No flash


Now crop it. When possible, try to do your cropping in the camera. In this instance, I did the crop with my software.

Second suggestion. Move in close…

…and use flash.

Hey wait a minute…this is a repeat.

That’s right. Use flash outside in sun and shade and move in close.

Good shooting!


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