Art As A Poem

When I saw Delores Oleksa’s booth at the recent art show in Port Clinton, Ohio, something clicked, and I thought, “What a wonderful creative way to do art!”

Delores works in many different mediums, but the one I was totally captivated by was the way she uses her poems to accompany her paintings. I think the best way to describe what she creates is to think of the combination of her art and poems as “poem paintings.”

Once she paints a subject, she writes a poem about the painting and puts it in a notebook for viewers to read as they view the work. The painting above is titled, White Birch.

Here is another one I love titled Spirit Chieftain.

And here is the poem she wrote to accompany the painting

Prayer to the Spirit Chieftain

Royal Chieftain of land and now sky
We ask your needed blessing.
Our lives are rich in more than what we need and don’t need.
Teach us to calm down in our accelerated society.
Teach us to love the land and the smell of clean air.
There are things we have forgotten, exchanging them for the wrong kind of wealth.
Your strength, wisdom and foresight are needed to bring us back to what once was.
Our footprint is way too heavy, destroying what is under and along its path.
We need to soften our steps and go back to wearing what you wore on your feet, for our own sake and that of earth.

Like all good art, this concept inspired me to try to make a photograph, and then write a poem about that photograph. Of course this is much harder than one would initially think! But expanding your mind with your art is one of the great benefits of doing it in the first place.

Let’s give it a try.

Good shooting and writing!


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