Fun At The Fair

I bought a new computer this week and I’m really, really going nuts. I hate new computers. If I ever get the hang of Windows 10 it will be a miracle.

Hopefully I’ll be able to report on the photo apps that I like best in a year or two. Hey, sorry, but that’s not a joke, so stay tuned. For now, I’m just going to post some fun images I took last week at the fair. Aren’t these guys a hoot?!

We see that this a team is passing the time waiting, by playing with their bits. If only horses could talk!

It’s important when you are auto-focusing on a group like this, that you point your auto-focus square on the front animal (in this case, it doesn’t matter which one, as they are both equidistant from each other), hold the shutter button half way down, and then recompose the shot. Otherwise, the auto-focus will not know what you want to focus on, and may instead focus on the middle row of horses, or even the drivers.

Cropping in on the individual faces is also fun.

Good shooting!


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