It’s Time For The Annual Doggie Swim!

It’s fall! Time for the annual doggie swim at our local pool.

Way fun.

This year there were more folks than ever taking snaps with their cell phones. Unfortunately we know that our cells phones won’t make the cut at these events. There is no way they can capture lots of action, and they don’t have enough zoom power to cut out all the clutter. So next time bring along your “real” camera if you want to have some success capturing your favorite pet.

With an SLR, you’ll have plenty of pixels left to throw away so that you can do a post crop and still have a good image that won’t fall apart.

Plus an SLR will have a powerful enough flash so that you can pop it up for good fill flash when you are shooting against the light.

Un-oh. Can’t see my subjects.

So pop up the flash and try again. Much better!

Hey that worked! But what about this image? Even my SLR flash isn’t powerful enough to fill flash this one because I’m too far away.

Cool effect…I like the glitter on the water, but hey, the subject is the dog!

Time to move to the other side of the pool. Now I can see what is going on.

Good shooting!


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