Using a Cell Phone Camera To Document Our Lives

Let’s see…. We all use our  phone cameras to take photographs, but what about all the other things we can do with them?

How about clicking a photo of nutrition labels so you can compare brands in terms of fat, salt, sugar and calories?

Or photos of two comparable food brands with their price information labels?

Want to remember if that desk you just saw at Office Depot will fit? Take a photo of the dimensions. Way easier than returning something heavy to the store.

Here’s a great one. Take a photo of the spot where you park your car so you can easily find it again. If you’re in a strange city, include a street sign in the photo. This also works for finding your hotel after a day of sightseeing. Photograph the nearest intersection to your hotel and voila, you’ll never be lost again.

How about taking a photo of that repair part you need from ACE Hardware? Let your fingers do the walking and send it to the hardware store to see if they have it.

What about that interesting recipe on the back of a product you already have?

Or information about that perennial landscape plant you want to buy…hey…it’s on sale! But first you need to go home and check out your garden location to be sure you have the right soil and light requirements.

Or a photo of your jewelry to put in your insurance file?

Or rooms in your house you want to document, especially your closet?

Or the color of the drapes in the bedroom to help you match up a bedspread?

Or the hair cut you just got that’s so wonderful you want to be able to show your stylist next time?

Egad. This list is endless. We need our cell phone cameras for everything!

Next time we’ll talk about actually taking photographs with them.

Good shooting.


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