Collages From Photographs…Way Fun!

So I posted my collage art entry on Facebook, with a note that I’d share a bit of the process in this blog. I think using your photographs to create collages is way fun.  You can create in so many different directions depending on a spur of the moment idea as you go along, or a well thought out plan.

This collage started with a photograph from Charleston, South Carolina where I was fascinated by the side of this barn.

First I threw it into Photoshop and started experimenting with filters and saturation.

Once I got the saturation where I wanted it I brushed on two layers of gloss medium to seal the canvas so I could start pasting.

From there, it’s a creative process of adding and removing shapes and objects. You just have to keep pasting things on and removing them until you are happy with the arrangement. At the point above, I also started painting in certain areas to soften up the saturation of the wheels and doorway. The shine is caused by the gloss medium which is very visible here (but not in the final,) because I used a flash to record this. It’s important to keep putting down layers of gloss medium between each layer of your project. The gloss seals each layer so that you can go in and remove the top layer if you don’t like it and start over on the layer underneath.

And twenty thousand changes later…voila! I was finally pleased with my end result. Here it is framed and hanging at the show.

Well I didn’t win a ribbon, but I sure had fun and I’m ready to start on my next collage. Next year I plan to win!  (Hope springs eternal….)

Good shooting,


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