Happy Easter!

I thought it might be fun to post a few photos I took trying to make a good Easter card.  As you can see, I haven’t nailed it yet.

I did everything right in terms of the set up. Got my props ready.

easter 07 005

Got Morgan interested in the props before introducing him into the shoot.

easter 07 002

Found a good spot to frame up the shoot on the couch..and added Morgan into the scene with the help of my excellent animal trainer…

easter 07 007

Tried a few vertical shots.

easter 07 058

That didn’t last long…

easter 07 020

Tried a few horizontal  shots…

easter 07 065

easter 07 050

That didn’t last long either.  Morgan was having fun, but my patience..the number one requirement for working with animals…ran out. So this shoot will have to wait till another day.

easter 07 083

Sometimes you get the bunny…and sometimes Morgan gets it.

Stay tuned!

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