Zoom With Your Feet When You Photograph With A Cell Phone

So many of us are grabbing photos on the quick with our cell phones, that I thought I’d make a few suggestions for great professional looking shots.

What? No way! Real photographers use digital SLR cameras!

Well hmmm. Not any more.

Yup, we know the resolution is still low compared to a digital SLR, and we know it’s almost impossible to take good action shots with them, but cell cameras are getting pretty amazing. Making large prints is a no go, but who prints photos anymore? Cell photos are great for email or publishing online. Don’t blink. The technology for phone cameras is getting better and better every month.

My iPhone camera lens is just over 4mm. That’s a wide-angle lens so it’s great for capturing images where you want to include a lot in the photograph. I like this scenic picture. My cell phone did as well as my digital SLR with this image.

But if I am taking a photo of my dog swimming in a pool, the wide-angle lens of my cell phone is going to produce a scenic image of the pool and Morgan is going to be too small.

That’s ok because it’s a beautiful pool, but I really wanted a photo of him swimming and in this image I can’t see him very well. I can’t zoom…I don’t have a zoom. Most of us don’t have one on our cell, but egad…zooms are now available for cell phones and I just read an article about a printer that can be attached to your cell so you can print out photos. How cool is that!

Back to the pool. I have to zoom with my feet to get closer. Moving in close and filling the viewfinder with the subject is my number one suggestion for good cell phone photos.

So here he is…I love the pool scenic, but this is a better photo of Morgan. I can crop it even tighter in post production. I can crop it tighter because I took the photo much closer than the original one. If I tried to do a crop of Morgan from the first shot, it would totally fall apart. (There’s a chapter in my book on this subject if you are lost right now.)

With this tight crop, it’s easy to see that Morgan is carrying a toy in his mouth.

This isn’t perfect photography, but if you are careful and move in close, you will be able to make some good images.

Remember to have fun and enjoy the creative process. Cell phones are great for helping us to do that because they are so easy.

Good shooting!


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