Controlling Movement

Photo Tips

I’m often asked,  “Why are my photos blurry?”

Most likely, because the shutter speed you set on your camera was too slow. The slower you set the shutter speed, the more blur there will be in the final image. Fast shutter speeds will freeze movement and produce crisp, sharp images. Slow shutter speeds will produce blur. We’re animal photographers, so whenever your animals are moving, unless you want to intentionally emphasize the movement, set your shutter speed to 1/250 of a second or higher.

Beginners, if you do not have a manual camera, no worries! For action, set your camera on the action icon. For scenics, set your camera on the mountain icon. The camera’s computer will do the rest.

Study these photos to see what shutter speed will do to your images.


1/30th of a second


1/60th of a second


1/125th of a second


1/250th of a second

Try experimenting with your shutter speed and see what kinds of images you can produce.

Good shooting!