The Golden Hours

We all know it’s an easy fix to brighten up our photos with simple editing software. If you are using the photo software that comes with your Windows operating system, you can select a photo>fix>adjust exposure>brightness, and turn a dark photo into a much better image by lightening it up.

But when I saw the beautiful morning light on this tree, I was reminded that there is no quick easy editing fix for the natural light of early morning or late afternoon. Photographers call this light the golden hours because such beautiful effects can be captured due to the quality of the light.

Here’s what I mean. Another half hour, and the sun had gotten so high, there was no chance of capturing the slanting rays of early morning.

Plus the sun was dipping in and out of the clouds. I can make the image better by lightening it, as mentioned above.

But there is no way to add the side lighting that makes the first image so beautiful.

So even though we’ve come a long way with making our images better through software manipulation, it’s important to remember that photographing in great light is still the way to go.

Beautiful scenic images can be made on your farm or ranch in the golden hours. Start by wandering around early in the morning, or late in the afternoon and study the light and the background where you think a great image can be made. When the light is right, you will see great images all around you that will disappear as the sun rises higher in the sky and flattens out, or sets into the night and disappears.

If you want to get really creative, try using a sunburst filter as the sun comes up, or sets.

See what you can make in the golden hours.

Good shooting!