Captain Morgan

He’s Now A Terrible Two

Well our Irish Terrier Morgan is now five years old and having a wonderful time. Irish Terriers are known for their fun loving attitude toward just about everything and Morgan is no exception.

We started him out boating in Florida when he was a small puppy, hopeful that the early conditioning would make him unafraid of the water and boats.

It worked! By the time hurricane season arrived, Morgan was a seasoned boater and we were up north cruising on the Great Lakes with a confident water dog. Morgan loved every minute.

In fact, Morgan is so at home on the water that we have to keep a careful eye on him when we are underway to make sure he doesn’t jump overboard! This winter, while cruising off the Florida Keys, we came upon a pod of wild dolphins and Morgan was ready to abandon ship and go for a swim with the “fishes.”

We had a ball that day, and speaking of balls, Morgan is just as happy on land, where his favorite activity is chasing after his red ball.

If you’re wondering if we are exhausted keeping up with him, the answer is Yes!

I’m currently working on a book about Morgan as a puppy, titled The Naughty Puppy, which pretty much sums up his first year.

Stay Tuned !